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Self-Care Isn't Selfish!

Hey Y’all! I’m so glad you stopped by my site!

My name is Debrah, and I live in the Upstate of SC. I love helping people look and feel their best through self-care. I share modern, mid-luxe, minimalist skin care products from Align; enchanting home fragrances from PartyLite; small batch, air roasted coffee from Java Momma; super cute accessories from Kole Jax, the latest trending boutique styles from Copper + Rose, and I have just added Red Aspen lashes and dashes to my offerings. I have always been head over heels in love with all things Halloween, so you will occasionally see content from my alter ego, The Southern Queen of Halloween, show up around here.

I truly believe in order to help care for others you must first take care of yourself. Self-Care isn’t selfish. It is necessary for you to be able and available to serve your family, friends, and community.


I believe that everyone should take some “me time” every week, if not every day. I help people find simple, affordable ways to treat themselves. Whether it’s with a soothing face mask, decadent coffee flavor, enticing aromatherapy candle, funky new piece of jewelry, or trendy new outfit is up to the individual. I provide space for people to find community in self-care, coffee, and fashion groups. If I accomplish nothing else, I hope I can help others not feel guilty about taking time for themselves.


Favorite #1 – Java Momma Monthly Picks Box

Hey, hey it’s May!
Wakey, wakey, donut lovers! This month, Java Momma is transforming into Momma’s Donut Shop, and trust me, you “donut” want to miss out on these blends!
* Donut Shop Blend: Forget the alarm clock—this blend is your new wake-up call! Light and medium roast that’s as essential as your morning donut. Dunk a donut, sip some Joe, and let’s get rolling!
* CinnaSweet Cake Donut: Imagine warm vanilla cake donuts, fresh out of the oven, lovingly dunked in cinnamon and sugar. Now imagine that in your mug. Yes, it’s that delicious!
* Momma’s Maple Bar: A sip of heaven—cream-filled sweetness with a decadent brown sugar maple cream glaze, topped off with a pecan sprinkle. It’s dessert, breakfast, and your coffee break all rolled into one!
Grab the Picks box, and get your favorite mug ready, and let’s make every morning a little sweeter and a lot more flavorful.

Favorite #2 – May Mug of the Month

Enjoy your Java Momma Donut Flavored Coffees in this adorable 12 oz ceramic mug!

Product Detail – Java Momma – May Donut Theme Mug

Favorite #3 – Java Momma Raspberry Creme Silk Cold Brew Pods

Raspberries and creme swirled into white chocolate silk for a luxurious and smooth flavored cold brew. Try adding a little sweet cream for the ultimate iced coffee drink.

Product Detail – Java Momma – Raspberry Creme Silk Cold Brew Pods


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